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Reservations   1006 Washington Street, Calistoga, California 94515

Lovely hot springs and spa experience

April 03, 2013,
Nestled in the beautiful Napa Valley wine country, in the little town of Calistoga, is Calistoga Spa Hot Springs. We have stayed there twice now, and have had a great time both times. The photos on the hotel/spa website perhaps capture the hot springs pools in the best possible light, looking elegant and magical, and while they're not quite that inviting, they were, indeed, fabulous. There are four mineral water pools ranging in temperature from 104 to 100 to 90 to 80 degrees. The 104-degree pool is for adults only, and a staff member did enforce that rule at least once that I have seen, but children were occasionally in that pool, and the kids in the pool area were often loud, just being kids. The pools appear to be very clean and they are definitely relaxing. All of the pool area furniture has been replaced with newer, nicer furniture since our last visit. The pool area staff keeps the area very clean and orderly looking, and when asked, clearly explained where the water came from, the pool temperatures, and the mineral content of the water. The snacks at the snack bar were reasonably priced and were a fun assortment. Cold tap water with cups was always available for free, and was cooling and refreshing. The hotel rooms are situated around three sides of the pool area, so it is really easy and convenient to hop down to the pools for a soak. Most of the rooms have been remodeled and the rest should be finished soon. We were told of the remodel in process when we booked our stay, but it would have been nice to have been given a token discount to listen to sawing, even on the weekend. Our room had not been remodeled, but it served our purposes well. There is an apartment-size refrigerator, two-burner stove, and basic kitchen supplies (glasses, plates, utensils, wine bottle opener, etc). A microwave would be a nice addition. It's great to not have to eat out three meals a day. The TV is fairly small, but had decent cable, which was nice to relax to after a long day of relaxing by the pools. There are charcoal BBQs between the rooms and the pool area, and I would recommend that they upgrade to gas BBQs to avoid charcoal and lighter fluid fumes from wafting into the rooms. It's probably OK if you're upwind of them, but being downwind was a bummer when they were lit. There are really nice tables and chairs around the BBQ area for relaxing, reading, enjoying cocktails and appetizers, etc. After appetizers, it's just an easy one-block walk to Lincoln Street, which is lined with great restaurants and cute shops, as Calistoga Spa Hot Springs has an excellent location in Calistoga. The spa is on the fourth side of the pool area. The only spa service that I have used thus far is the mud bath for $65, and I have taken a mud bath both times we have stayed at Calistoga Spa Hot Springs. I would say that everyone should probably do this at least once before they die, just for the experience of it. It includes 10 minutes in a very hot tub of mud, about 15 minutes in a mineral water hot tub, 5 minutes in a steam bath, and then about 15 minutes lying in a darkened room with soothing music while you cool off and relax. Throughout the experience, an attendant is offering cool drinking water with lemons in it and offering cool washcloths for your forehead. They were very nice and professional and explained the process fairly well. The front desk staff was always friendly and helpful, as well. I'm sure that a mud bath is probably not for everyone, but I found it to be truly, deeply relaxing. I really felt like a wet noodle afterward, and for the rest of the day - and it was really worth it. I also really like the vibe of the place. It seems like it's just regular people staying there. Guests ranged in age from about 3 to probably in their 80s, and overall, they were respectful of other people's space. Yes, the inconsiderate woman talking loudly on her cell phone just outside the pool area for ½ hour harshed my mellow, but that could happe

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