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By: calistoga spa / 23 May 2019

With the school year ending, summer beginning, and travel approaching it is important to take time for yourself. Here are a few tips from the professionals to help in kick starting your summer.

Donavan Almond, Founder of Calistoga Fitness, has over 20 years in the field of fitness, health and wellness. Donavan's team of Calistoga Fitness instructors are available to our guests to assist in helping kick off your summer wellness program.

Helpful hints from Donavan.

Screen time detox. Our lives are wrapped around the phone and internet but in order to refill your cup you need to disconnect and that is the easiest way to get started. 

Water, Water, Water. If you feel thirsty you technically are already dehydrated. That level of dehydration can reduce your ability to focus by 10%. Also, water keeps your skin, digestive system, and weight in healthier levels. 

Limit Restaurant Time. When traveling, try to reduce your eating out to 1-2 two meals a day vs. all 3. Restaurants add more calories, salt, fat, sugar to enhance the taste. Staying at a place like Calistoga Spa that has full refrigerators and kitchens give you the opportunity to save a little money and calories on eating a meal or two at your hotel. Also, it's fun going to local farmers markets and grocery stores like Cal-Mart to try local produce. 

Sleep in a dark room. Dark window shades or using an eye mask will allow you to get a full REM sleep making you feel more restored and energize the next day. (also turn the alarm light down)

Do a fitness consult. If you don't workout regularly with a trainer, getting a consult about the best ways to get to your goals can't cut time and organize you into reaching those goals. 

"The Healing Waters"

The alluring mineral pools of Calistoga have been a mainstay of Napa Valley visitors for generations. Ancient civilizations found the healing and therapeutic powers of the mineral pools a source of rejuvenation in mind, body and spirit. The composition of our mineral water is deemed by Nature's filtering of rainwater through our alluvial Napa Valley soils resulting in a blend of trace mineral and essential elements. Geothermal forces elevate the temperature of the mineral water to 180 degrees Fahrenheit at the source. The mineral pools at Calistoga Spa Hot Springs consist of four unique pools each designed to revitalize the senses.

For more information visit our websites at Calistoga Spa Hot Springs  &  Calistoga Fitness

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