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Spa Calistoga

We appreciate the patience our guests have extended us over the past year as we navigated the challenges that COVID19 restrictions provided. Thursdays through Sundays we are able to schedule Massage Treatments for guests registered in guest rooms.  The Bath House, Mud Baths and Steam Rooms will remain closed for the time being.  During this reopening period we will not be able to book Massage Treatments for those not staying in a guest room. In addition we are not able to extend Day Use Pool passes at this time.


Pamper yourself with our blissful selection of renewing treatments and rituals from head to toe and capture the essence of Calistoga. Our full-service spa offers guests tranquility to unwind and connect with your surroundings to allow the restorative properties to take over. From deep-tissue massages and mineral baths to wellness packages and fitness classes, our downtown Calistoga spa offers a refreshing blend of services designed to elevate your stay. A 20% service charge will be added to all services. We are happy to make adjustments upon your request
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Massage Treatments at California Hotel

Massage Treatments

Each of our massage treatments are personalized to your body's needs. From light touches to deeper techniques designed to soothe sore muscles and ease tension, rest assured that you are in great hands.
Calistoga Hotel Volcanic Ash Treatments

Volcanic Ash Mudbath Treatments

Please note that Mud and Mineral Bath Treatments are not available at this time. Indulge in the natural healing properties of our world-famous Calistoga volcanic ash mud baths, a centuries-old ritual used to improve joint and muscle pain while removing excess dirt and toxins that will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. 
Spa Packages at Calistoga Hotel

Spa Packages

Our curated spa packages are designed to meet the needs of your body to promote overall health and wellness. Combine our signature experiences for a day of indulgence and enjoy Calistoga's timeless rituals.
Calistoga Fit at California Hotel

Calistoga Fit

Stay fit and on track with Calistoga's top fitness instructors while visiting Wine Country. Take advantage of all the best fitness classes such as yoga, Pilates, boot camp, and TRX with our customizable fitness and wellness package. 
Spa Etiquette at California Hotel

Spa Etiquette

Our lodging guests that will be joining us are encouraged to call us prior to thier desired treatment date to book their appointments. When calling to schedule it is important to know what treatments, preferred time, whether each person would prefer a Male Massage Therapist or a Female Massage Therapist.